Żydowska Warszawa


October 1942

After the "great liquidation action", the only people in the ghetto were shop employees legally quartered there and some illegal inhabitants. Official data indicates that there were around thirty-five thousand people in the ghetto in autumn 1942; unofficial data raises that number to sixty thousand.


November 1942

In November 1942, representatives of Jewish organisations in the ghetto made contact with the Polish underground authorities, asking for weapons.


December 1942

The statutes of the Jewish Combat Organisation (Żydowska Organizacja Bojowa) were adopted on 2 December 1942. Their first point was "If deportation continues, the motto of our resistance shall be 'Not a single Jew will go.' "


January 1943

Jews officially living in the ghetto were obliged to work in shops - German plants and factories.


February 1943

Eight thousand documents forming the second part of the Ringelblum archive were hidden by Jewish conspirators from the Oneg Szabat organisation inside two milk churns in the basement of the building at Nowolipki 68. The first part of the archive was hidden at the same spot on 3 August 1941.

Percent of jewish people
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  • November '42
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